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The De Dietrich C230 ECO-A Series of condensing boilers incorporates a cast aluminum/silicium sectional heat exchanger that achieves efficiencies of 99.9% and is able to operate at temperature differentials up to 81°F without thermal shock. Extremely resistant to any corrosion, with self-cleaning properties linked to the flow of condensates. The state of the art microprocessor based burner boiler control incorporates a P.I.D. control to manage and protect both the burner and the lightweight heat exchanger. With this type of burner management control you will get the exact output the system needs. De Dietrich has always set the standard for high efficiency boilers with unsurpassed quality and service for over three centuries around the world. The De Dietrich obsession for perfection means that the C230 ECO-A Series of condensing boilers is “As the Boiler Should Be”!!!



  99% + net efficiency

  Stainless steel premix dual fuel gas burner

    (Natural Gas and LPG)

  Four models ranging from 325 to 821 MBH

  Fully modulating from 20 to 100%. Remote BMS

    control (0-10VDC / 4-20mA) w. optional IF-01


  Outdoor reset w. optional SCU-S01 card

  No minimum return water temperature, thermal

    shock is nonexistent.

○ no boiler pump, three-way valves or

   secondary heat exchanger needed

  Perfect adaptation of boiler output to the actual

    needs of the installation

  Optimum combustion quality on the full output

    range thanks to the constant air/gas ratio

  Extremely low emissions, NOx levels below

    20ppm corrected to 3% O2

  Optional secondary return water inlet for

    maximum condensation

  Easy maintenance thanks to:

○ Self-cleaning condensing body,

○ Rapid burner access via removable cover

○ Quick and easy heat exchanger access

   via the inspection hatch

○ Microprocessor gives the technician a step

   by step diagnostics

  Factory preset burner and controls for easy

    start ups

  Fits through standard 30” doorways

  Conventional or direct vented

  Less than 60dBA

  10 years non-prorated warranty on the heat


C230 ECO-A


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