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C310 ECO-A

The De Dietrich Gas 310 ECO Series of condensing boilers combines over thirty years of European condensing technology experience with proven North American control expertise. The cast aluminum heat exchanger allows for superior and faster heat transfer that results in greater efficiencies. The boilers’ large water-ways result in lower pressure drops through the boiler, allowing for smaller pump sizes. The state of the art premix burner is

capable of high turn down ratios that allow for maximum performance and lower NOx emissions. The light weight heat exchanger enables installation in weight sensitive locations, over 30% lighter than other condensing boilers. A ten year non pro-rated warranty covers the cast aluminum heat exchanger from anything that you throw at it.


The user and installer friendly Honeywell boiler control system incorporates a P.I.D. function that eliminates overshooting and maintains steady system temperatures. With four temperature sensors constantly monitoring the inlet and outlet temperatures, maximum protection of the heat exchanger is provided.


The boiler maximum capacity can be adjusted to within 25% of the total building load requirements. Meaning the high fire can be set to fire at the design firing rate. With five models ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 MBH (output) you can pinpoint the model that fits your application perfectly.


Standard Features

  True modulating combustion, either remotely or


  No minimum return water temperature


  Operates up to 81°F temperature differential

  Four boiler temperature sensors for ultimate

   protection & operation

  Factory packaged & tested for simple, easy

  Plug & Play installation

  ASME MAWP 100 psi maximum

    pressure rating

  Quiet operation - less than 60 dBA

  State of the art MCBA Honeywell boiler

    controller. Easily integrated with building

    management systems and Required Control


  Proven thirty year European cast aluminum

    heat exchanger design maximizes condensing


  Cast aluminum heat exchanger is not sensitive

    to condensate corrosion unlike stainless steel


  Optimum cast aluminum design results in

    efficient heat transfer - seven times more

    conductive than stainless steel at a third of the

    weight. Results in less system water, faster

     response & less structural loading concerns

  Pre-mix combustion with Honeywell fuel-air ratio

    valve allows higher turndowns, lower inlet gas

    pressure and sealed combustion Stainless steel

    woven mesh premix burner

  Piping connection options (right hand & left

    hand) allow for modular installations with 1”

    minimum clearance

  Standard with probe type LWCO (manual reset),

    high limit Aquastat (manual reset) & 30 psi

    pressure relief valve

  Three wheels for easy mobility in boiler rooms

  10 year heat exchanger warranty (non-


  3.5” to 14” w.c. natural gas supply pressures



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